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Hello Audience, Today we discuss about Exclusive Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera. I will tell you How to click the pictures in this camera ?  How to print the photos instantly ? How to use the camera? 

  In-boxing the Camera 

  • Their will be some attachment and a strap which can be attached with the Camera.
  • Batteries along with some manuals in various languages.
  • An Exclusive Camera.

Features in Camera

  • In the front of the camera their is button for shutter button to click the photos.
  • Eye-piece on the back of the Camera.
  • Their is a compartment at the back which gives the instant printout of the images clicked.
  • On the side their is a compartment to put the battery in it.
  • Their is a space to attach the strap with camera.
  • On the front : Their is a flash and a sensory which checks the availability of light.
  • We can set the lighting of the camera manually also.
  • Their is a section at the top from where the photograph comes outside.

Why to Buy ?

So, the reason is simple that this camera captures the instant memory and take out photograph instantly and you can save that memory int he form of passport size photograph.Whenever you meet some new people it helps you to capture the moment instantly.

You can use this camera while travelling as it is easy to handle. You can click your amazing photos through this camera. A professional photo shoot can also be done by this camera. 

As compare to the cameras like DSLR , the price Fujifilm Instax Mini camera is very cheap with good quality instant photos. The size of Fujifilm is very adjustable and very attracted in looks. 



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