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We are discussing about PUBG Earphone in this article. So, this earphone is especially made for gaming purposes. As the name of earphone also indicates , " BATTLEGROUND GAMING EARPHONE " as we can guess through the name of the earphone BATTLEGROUND . It is good to buy this gaming earphone as it gives more comfort while playing and increases the sound hearing capacity.

Why this Earphone is Good For Gaming Purposes ?

Let me tell you the features of the earphone and what makes it different from other earphones ? Why is it so special that very expert PUBG PLAYER recommend this earphone ? What makes this earphone so compatible for gaming purposes ?

  • Detachable MIKE :- so, their a dual mike facility in this earphone . So, one is the detachable mike and other is the mike behind the call button. You can attach the mike whenever you want .
  • Audio Facility :- the audio facility is really awesome. You can clearly hear the footsteps of the person behind you and simultaneously you can talk with other persons also. 
  • Wire :- the wire is very strong made of nylon and stretchable and had a jack of 3.5 mm
  • Sound hearing Facility :- It has detachable ear-hanging with comfortable ear plug.
  • Multi-functional key :-  This earphone contain multi-functional key with inbuilt mike and calling facilities also there. 
  • Removable Earbud :- This earphone has removable earbud to give you most comfort to your ears as when someone continuously playing for 5-6 hours will not get tired if he/she was using this.


The sound from the detachable mike is very different form the inbuilt mike . You can use the  detachable mike for more clarity in voice and more clarity in hearing the foot steps and the direction of the explosion. This earphone is made especially for gaming  purpose but you can use them for other purposes also . you can use the earphone by not using the detachable mike also. If you can a simple inbuilt mike then also you can use this. As The detachable mike will clears your voice and give proper listening and hearing capability.

So, It is used by very Expert PUBG player and i think you should also use it if you play pubg.
The price of earphone will be in your Budget and it does not cost too much .


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