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Hello Audience, So today I will discuss about TOP 2 LOW BUDGET GADGET.


Yes, you heard it correct a pen that can be used as a S-Pen and which gives Premium look . So, as compare to the S-pen this Stylus Pen is very cheap and is very useful for the user to use it on the phone. 

How it works?

so, you can use this pen while working and painting on the phone this pen really looks very cool. 
As one the one side this pen is having a needle to write a sentence or you can just write on a paper while on the other hand the other side is covered with black rubber which is used for the phone as you can use it on the phone or tablet .

You Can Avail This Gadget from AMAZON


The OTG Adapter means,"ON THE GO". so, it means the OTG can works in a really simple manner as it can be used to transfer the data directly from phone to pendrive . As OTG can connect with the phone and you can connect whatever on the other hand of OTG like pendrive , keyboard ,etc.

How it works?

As it can transfer the data from phone to the pendrive directly . It is very easy to handle so You can try it while travelling also thats why the name ON THE GO  so that you can use it in a very cool manner. The price is very low as compared to the other gadgets.

You Can Avail This Gadget from AMAZON

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