Python Introduction

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1. React Native

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  What you will learn :-
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Animation
  • How to Access Image Gallery
  • How to upload API

2. Python for Everybody

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what you will learn :-
  • How to work in python
  • Make projects in python
  • python from basic to advance

3. MERN Stack Master Course

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what you will learn :-
  • Building attractive Website
  • Creating API
  • Image Uploading

4. Open Broadcaster OBS Studio

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What You will Learn :-
  • Those who are interested in Video editing can avail this course.

5. CSS3 and Bootstrap

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What you will learn :-
  • Adding design on website
  • Code Attractive Website.

6.Internet of Things(IoT) using Arduin

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What you will Learn :-
  • Sending voice Commands.
  • use you Android Device Wirelssly Control.
  • Build Communication between Home appliances and mobile.

7.The Amazon FBA MasterPlan


What you will learn :-

  • Create selling products
  • create your own brand
  • convert LOCAL TO VOCAL.

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