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Focus Can be Increased, Really ??

Everything around us will be made to distract us nowadays so their is a technology gadgets which we all felt a need but does know about it. So, We are here to discuss about the major problem we felt in our life ,"FOCUS".
Yes, Focus can be increased by using the electronic gadget called,"FOCUS BUDS". Can focus buds will increase your focus ability ? How focus buds will increase your focus ability ? 

What is Focus Buds? How it works?

  • Focus Buds is a Arrow Certified Technology.
  • Focus buds consist of Bio Sensors Which can monitor the activities of the brain.
  • It helps to remind you and focus on your work.
  • The technology is based on EEG NEUROFEEDBACK.

Some essential features

  • It can track the Brain Activities.
  • It has AI technology , which can track Real time activities.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and wireless.
  • Battery stand up by 8 hours.
  • Inbuilt Microphone.
  • Noise Reduction .
  • HD Sound Clarity. 
  • No harm to your body and ears.
  • It can measure Stress level.

Track some Details of your Activities

  • At what time of the day you do best at work ?
  • You can compare you weekdays to weekends ?
  • How many Hours of sleep keep you more productive ?
  • Are you most focused in work while listening music ?
  • What type of music you should listen to be more focused ?


So, I think is the best Gadget  I ever found to face the problem distraction while doing work like Office work , Studying for exams or you can use this while jogging or doing workout .

So, This amazing Gadget is Available on  INDIEGOGO



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