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What makes a watch secretive????

So, what makes a watch secretive?? Dont worry i will tell you about that in this blog.A watch named Opta SB-133 Smartwatch is really a secretive smart watch . The design of the watch makes it secretive as you can see it in this picture as you can store you earphones in it as suitable space is available for them to be stored in it. 

Now move on to its features SO, it is a smart bracelet plus 2 in 1 Bluetooth headset is also their. It is new practical device thats is 100% accurate while measuring the heart rate , blood pressuring , walking or running speed, and in other functionality also. It is smart watch which has voice like siri to wake up as a alarm. The display is HD quality with premium glass.

Some other specifications are -

The model number and model name is SB-133. If we talk about display then the dial is rectangle in shape with the leather strap with it and the size is medium with water-resistant feature in it. It is unisex watch as both men and women can wear this.It takes 120 minutes to be fully charged with stand by time of 180hr. Camera and either specifications are the display resolution is 160*80 pixels with display size of about 25mm with TFT colored display.


This technology device is really awesome considering all the features in it and especially with it hidden facility . You can wear this watch will working , travelling as well as it also  helps you to get your blood pressure , heart beat rate instantly in any situations that a human face in daily life. This watch is most beneficial to the persons who is suffering form any disease related to heart like blood pressure as it can measure it instantly with 100% accuracy. Most of us are not able to find the place to keep our headset so, their is another advantage to buy this amazing product.

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