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               Human headphone Really??

We are here to discuss about the the human headphones. Yes, you heard it right their a a device called human headphone. It is exclusively an amazing headphone. It looks like a ear plug but it Actually like it fixes to our ear . Yes you can see them in this picture that how it just fixes to our ears.

NOW, coming to the configuration , features so, These are the wireless headphones without any strap that bind them . so you can see in this picture. They allow us to use it 9 hrs without any break. You have to tap on the headphones to the give voice control control or to change any mode. It can translate it to other 11 languages . It has the most suited sound system in it. IT can captures you voice command and ignores the noise around you. They can be attach itself by magnets.
so, overall the device is just performing great in the market.

So, you can compare it with other headphones like Boat Headphone | JBL Headphone .

It is not that they just fall off from your ear . As you can do various activities by wearing this like jogging, running, gyming, or doing any sport that you like.  When you put these two headphones together they have that magnetic strength that they can pull each other . Charger is also available so that it attach itself with the headphones.

So, I think you should buy this to get a premium feel..

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