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                              AMAZON VS GOOGLE

Hello guys, Now we are here to talk about the war going on between Alexa of Amazon and OkGoogle of Google. Both the device are doing great in their line. We are here to just compare them on the basis  of their features, Sound quality , design ,etc. One thing that I can conclude in the starting is that both the devices are having Great Sound quality, and we can use it whenever we want its like  a device based on Artificial Intelligence that is able to talk to us in human manner. They can talk to us about how we feel, about how our mood and all. They can talk to us in Hindi as well English.

Lets see the comparison between two on the basis of sound quality : If we talk about the high volume,  OKgoogle completely wins the battle as  OKgoogle had high sound quality with high base whereas Alexa  has low sound as compare with OKgoogle . So, if you consider the high Volume with high base then you should come with OKGoogle.

Lets talk about the which will talk in hindi more fluently. So, in this case both the devices have passed the test as both can talk fluently in hindi but Alexa is more representable while speaking. Alexa has more natural hindi accent.

Here I present some Question and tell you exactly how both of these react.
Question is : "Tell me one hindi dialogue?"
Reaction of Alexa : " I dont have same sound of Big B but I can try one dialogue for you........
Reaction of OKgoogle : "Sorry i dont know how to help  you."
So, i guess Google is not Filmy After all.

Question :  hey I want to sleep.
Reaction of Alexa : I want some ringtones of raining would you like to here?
Reaction of OK google : At what time i can set alarm for you.? and then bring some sounds..
So, Alexa is handy there and i have to say that OK Google is better then Alexa while answering casual question.

Question: I want to hear music?
Reaction of Alexa : Hurray!Hurray! Just say start party playlist...
Reaction of Ok Google : Lets start with the Youtube party Station.
So, here Alexa fetch the music with the prime music whereas OkGoogle fetch  the music from Youtube.

Question : Tell me about news in hindi.
Reaction of Alexa: It fetches the news and start the news in English.
Reaction of OKgoogle : It fetches the news and start the news in HINDI.
So, here the OKGoogle is better in fetching  productive answer to the question and it directly link to the news channel.

Alexa contain Booking feature in it while Okgoogle is not able to book anything (if we speak in hindi to it.) If we talk about the connectivity so, OkGoogle is faster than Amazon Alexa.

Some Essential Features:



                        ALEXA ECHO DOT       VS          OKGOOGLE
99 X 99 X 43mm
9.78 X 4.2 cm 98mm(D)
Echo Dot comes ready to connect to your Wi-Fi. Built in speaker for Voice feedback. Also available in Hindi. Play, Pause and Rewind.
        Also available in Hindi and can Control your
Smartphone. Play pause and Rewind functions are there.

ALEXA AVAILABLE ON                     AMAZON



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